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We make good design for your company succeed.

Gambol Design Services

We make good design for your company succeed.

Some happy clients

Corporate Identity


  • Logo redesign

  • Visual identity

  • Website layout

  • Business card

  • Promotional materials

Logo, Corporate Identity,

website and printed material


  • Logo design

  • Visual Identity

  • Website concept and layout

  • Interaction and responsive design

"Our customers praised the new logo. We like the way it represents the modernization of our company."

Michael Horowitz - Executive Director

Corporate Identity


  • Logo design

  • Visual identity

  • Business card

"It looks great. I am totally satisfied."   Jeffrey Aristy - Founder

"When I am presenting the product for new clients I can feel how they get seduced by this nice communication."  Fabian Kowal - Sales Dept.

"You did a great job: The space itself looked very inspiring."

Catherine Mueller - BMW Foundation

Corporate Identity


  • Logo redesign

  • Visual identity

  • Business card

"The new logo has grown on me. I like it!!!"   Jeffrey Aristy - Founder

BMW - World Responsible Leaders Forum 2016 / Open Space by Impact Hub​

Event Concept


  • Structure concept

  • Visual identity

  • Signs and communication

  • Digital presentation

Corporate Identity


  • Logo design

  • Visual identity

  • Business card

"People compliment the logo every time that I give a business card."

Marc Gänsler - Founder

Winner of the SWM Water Bottle design contest 2016

Inspired by the murals of the famous Dutch artist M.C. Escher, the design shows the Bayern-Flagge pattern turning into drops of pure water that receive the blessing of the monk in the Münchner Wappen. Marcelo Bohrer - Gambol Design


SWM aims to inspire people to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles and the money collected with its selling is forwarded to a refugee assistance project.

""It’s worth buying one of this beautiful bottles."

Sigrid Borck - SWM Stadtwerke München Marketing/Kommunikation

Corporate Identity


  • Logo design

  • Visual identity

  • Business card

"The logo expresses our vision with consistency. We are very satisfied."

Sven Donhuysen - Executive Director

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What we do best


How we work








  • Definition of the Brand spirit

  • Logo development and Visual style

  • Corporate Identity guide

  • Business Card and Graphic material

  • Social networks image templates


We design the whole image of your company in order to communicate the value of its soul. 

We give you the whole solution for your website in a super easy and agile way.​

  • Information architecture

  • Website design

  • Hosting + domain 

  • Mobile version

  • Google SEO



Fran is our Art Director. She is a dreamer and a maker, working in different areas of creative market. Always watching carefully by function, simplicity, quality, beauty and sustainability. An inventive thinker passionate for innovation and surprising ideas. What drives her is to develop good ideas that go through the limits between traditional and digital, artwork and advertising.

Marcelo is our Creative Director focused on design and innovation. His goal is to bring transformative ideas to life. With deep experience in seeing solutions in complex scenarios, creating bold and objective strategies, coordinating projects and inspiring teams. Marcelo always keep a step ahead to go beyond the expected, bringing solid innovative ideas that generate value to business, society and the environment.

Marcelo Bohrer
Fran Caye
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Our team

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